The Guardsmen, who are tasked with protecting the city, have two different cadres – The Shield and The Sword. The Guardsmen of the Shield are basically a city watch. They work to keep peace and order in Firsport (though not necessarily justice, as any resident of the West District can tell you). They also double as defenders against outside attack, though there hasn’t been an outside attack on Firsport in centuries.

The other cadre – the Guardsmen of the Sword – are a military organization, meant to exercise the will of the Autokrateira in the rest of the Lastlands. The most recent major conflict they fought in was the Horde war against the orcs, a century ago. Since then, they have not been involved in another widespread conflict.

However, a previous Autokrator, Bant, hated how expensive it was to equip, train, and employ and army, so he started offsetting the cost by hiring them out as mercenaries. It became a This practice has been continued ever since and Guardsmen of the Sword are a common site around the Lastlands. The current Autokrateira, Mannin, has made even more extensive use of this practice than her predecessors, and, while the size of the Sword cadre has doubled under her leadership, very few of these fighters are in Firsport at any one time. Other towns find them a mixed blessing – they are absolutely better and more effective against real problems than a town militia would be, but they also project Firsport’s power wherever they go and tend to bring other settlements under the Autokrateira’s direct influence (not to mention often carouse and fight and can be less than disciplined in their off hours).

More recently, well into the reign of Autokrateira Mannin another branch of the Guardsmen have been established – the Knives. The Knives are the Autokratera’s secret police and spies. They are meant to ferret out threats to the Autokrateira’s rule. They do not clearly show their affiliation with a uniform, though all do wear a stylized dagger somewhere on their person.


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