The Lastlands

The Seedy Underbelly of Firsport

While several of the adventurers had been exploring Limbo and the caverns beneath Firsport, others had been rotting in jail. However, Anders and Ishiko had earlier been captured by Mannin and the shadowy power that has been controlling her. During the time they spent in the gaol, though, they had been planning an escape based on Anders’ extensive experience.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party roamed the streets of Firsport, trying to reconnect to places they knew. They found that a year had passed since they had passed through Limbo and the Faewild. They also discovered that Mannin had established a new guard organization alongside the Shield and the Sword – the Knives, the shadowy new secret police.

This organization had cleaned out most of the criminals in Firsport, cracking down hard on any perceived criminal activity. Often, perpetrators disappeared and were never seen from again. However, two entities had evaded the Knives’ grasp: one was an organized group known variously as the Dark Sash or the Dark Sign which had managed to avoid the grasp of the Knives and accomplish a significant amount of criminal activity in the city. No one seemed to know much about them, however. The second was a serial killer who had targeted many of the city’s magically powerful residents.

The party was able to make contact with an Order of the Sun chapterhouse in Firsport to rest and recoup and find out much of this information. The members of the Order in Firsport welcomed back Cuthbert, a member of the Order they had believed lost. Working with another member of the Order, Cuthbert and the party began searching for their companions and also trying to decide how to proceed in their greater quest.

Shump, the half-orc they had rescued from the oubliette, found them after managing to reconnect with old acquaintances of his. He promised the party and introduction to the leader of the Dark Sash. Two nights later, the party met Shump in a local coffeehouse. There they met “Sparrow” a human fixer who said he could take the party to meet “Magipie”, the leader of the Dark Sash. From there, “Sparrow” led the party on a walk through a series of basements, enclosed alleys, tunnels, and forgotten sewers until they were thoroughly disoriented. At the end, they emerged into a disused storage cellar where Magpie, the leader of the Dark Sash was waiting for them.

Magpie was a Kenku flanked by two viscious-looking axe-beaks. The reason they party had found it so easy to locate him became quickly evident. From the darkness behind him, another form emerged to greet the characters: a black-scaled yuan-ti who introduced himself as Yissith. Speaking to Yissith and Magpie, the party arranged for their allies to be rescued from jail in return for doing a job for Magipie and Yissith: eliminating the serial killer who had been stalking the city. Magipie then arranged for a Kenku associate of his, equipped with portable holes, to break into the dungeons and rescue Ishiko and Anders, which he did.

In return, the characters began hunting the city’s serial killer. After finding out some information about him, the party managed to set a trap at a local residence. The trap was sprung by several a few helmed horrors, which were quickly dealt with. But then the real enemy drew them out and revealed itself – a beholder had been behind the killings. Dodging its eye-rays, the party managed to come together and destroy it.

The question then became – where to do from here?



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