In the Lastlands, the wilderness is only beginning to be tamed. It presents many dangers to travelers and even to small communities. Almost all settlements feature some defensive adaptations against wild animals and the majority of able-bodied citizens, male and female, are required to serve in a town militia in many communities that is primarily focused on dealing with dangers from the wilderness.

The common wild animals that are native to the Lastlands would be viewed as exotic on many worlds: small monkeys whose fur expresses a huge variety of colors, called Rainbow Monkeys, are common in forested areas (and also plague Firsport as urban pests) and varieties of warm-blooded feathered serpents who can fly short distances are not unusual (and common pets). Giant insects of various types abound.

Larger wildlife in the Lastlands is very abundant. Many dangerous creatures are still fairly common. Dire animals are often found living alongside their regular-sized kin. Dangers like ankhegs, death dogs, axebeaks, and other ‘monstrous’ creatues are less ubiquitous than they once were, but still pose a significant threat to those dwelling in small towns or travelling on the roads between settlements. Some species of dinosaurs are also occasionally seen, mainly on the margins of the Lizard Fen or out in the Endless Sea. Clutches of komodo dragon-like giant poisonous lizards are one of the common predators found throughout the Lastlands.

There is also a lack of many animals that humanoids often take for granted. Horses were apparently unknown here before the arrival of the Common Races (who brought horses with them) and are still relatively rare. Cattle are still unknown, though indigenous mountain-dwelling yaks have been domesticated for some of the same purposes (dairy and some farm work). Much domestic labor that requires animals is done though the native pygmy mammoths, which have also been domesticated. Canids are not uncommon, but there was no dogs per se and no tradition of domestication. All domestic dogs are the descendants of riding dogs brought by gnomes and halflings.


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