Most of the Common Races would rather that orcs weren’t counted among their number. They wish that orcs didn’t exist in the Lastlands and that they weren’t considered one of the Common Races. A significant number of orcs make their home in the Lastlands, however, and their ability to interbreed with humans is generally pointed out as evidence that they should be included as one of the Common Races.

As many of the long-lived races will tell you, there was a time early on in the settlement of the Lastlands when orcs lived in the same communities as the other Common Races (except elves or dwarves, who have never been able to stand being near them). Often, the dwelt on the margins of society, doing the work that was harder, dirtier, or messier than other races wanted to touch.

That is no longer the case. Slightly more than a hundred years ago, a great orcish leader, Shuruk, called for orcs to throw off their chains and unite into a horde, which they did. There were a series of skirmishes around Vallat and the Barrier Range, as well as major riots in Firsport that destroyed a significant part of the city. Thousands were killed on both sides. The orcs managed to take over significant area in the Barrier Range and have been living there ever since. Relations between the orcish enclave and Firsport are strained, but they exist. Their relationship with settlements that neighbor on their territory is significantly worse, as bands of orcs are known to raid nearby communities for plunder and slaves or even just as a right of passage for young warriors from time to time.

Shuruk died decades ago and his daughter, Turgu, now rules the orcish lands. Under her rule, some limited trade with other parts of the Lastlands has been created, diplomatic ties with Firsport have been reestablished, and skirmishes with other settlements have been kept to a minimum. It is rumored that Turgu is a powerful magic user, though most people discount that as a rumor. It is true that she has lived a very long life and is so far not showing significant signs of age or stepping down from her position of leadership. Rumor has it that she has not aged a day from the time she took on the mantle of leadership. Few non-orcs have seen her, so the rumor remains just that for now.

Another significant change in orcish tradition is the role female orcs play. More and more of the orcish warriors are female. Whether this is because a female orc is their leader or for some other reason isn’t known.

Orcs welcome half-orcs into their lands, no matter where they were born. Many half-orcs that flee overly brutal servitude end up in orcish lands. Some stay and some do not. Many half-orcs that are born in orcish lands leave at some point in their lives to see the lands controlled by other Common Races. This can often lead those half-orcs to a life of indentured servitude.


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