The holy city of Koth, home to 25,000 souls, lies in two intersecting canyons at the foot of the great plateau of Vallat. It is the spiritual and physical home of the Order of the Sun. The city is a mix of ancient buildings built into the red sandstone canyon walls and newer dwellings built out of imported white marble and red sandstone. The city has three main gates that block entrance into the canyons and a complex rain catchment system that feed a number of cisterns and gardens inside the city.

The majority of residents of the city are from human families that have been in Koth since the conquest of the city. The city is quite close to the Orcish horde making half-orcs a common sight in the city as free labors, traders and man-at-arms to the noble families. Halflings, and to a lesser extant gnomes, comprise important parts of the artisan class of the city.

The city of Koth is ruled by 12 Human noble families with each providing a representative to an executive council which has legislative power in the city. The Order of the Sun provides another three representatives to the council and does the four most important guilds. They control the numerous buildings inside the city and sizable farms, grazing lands and iron mines outside the city.

Important Sites

  • The Great Temple of the Sun – The Great Temple of the Sun sits in a large open space at the center of the intersecting canyons. The Temple, unlike the other ancient sandstone buildings, is made from one giant contiguous block of white marble magically melded to the sandstone floor. The center courtyard contains an extremely ornate and accurate sundial. People fill the Temple at all hours both to worship their gods and to connect with their neighbors. The interior of the Temple is filled with multiple, ever-burning flames that bathe the temple in light even at the darkest hours.
  • The Great Hospital of Koth – The Great Hospital resides adjacent to the Temple in a warren of rooms carved into the red sandstone facing a vast open space shaped like an inverted pyramid. At the center of the open space is a lush garden fed with ample rainwater. The renowned clerics and healers of the Hospital reside on the upper floors of the Hospital with the remaining rooms reserved for the many pilgrims who travel to Koth.
  • The Academy for Lost Youth – The Academy was formed a little over a century ago by a retired Knight Commander following the war between Firsport and the Orcish horde. The first headmaster, a rare high ranking commoner in the order, wanted to create a home for the many orphans created by the war. Currently, the academy brings in high potential children from across the Last Lands between the ages of 5 and 10 and trains them in combat, letters and a profession (e.g. blacksmithing, carpentry, leatherworking).


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