Gnomes are the third largest segment of the population of the Lastlands. Unlike many of their brethren in many other worlds, gnomes in the Lastlands are very integrated into the community and don’t tend to live in exclusively gnomish communities. Their outlook on life is basically unchanged, however.

Gnomes are responsible for the majority of the infrastructure that has been built in the Lastlands. Gnomish engineers planned and built the multi-story towers of Firsport and are responsible for the excellent system of roads, docks, aqueducts, and defense systems that most communities in the Lastlands enjoy. Gnomes are valuable and honored members of almost every community and can be found as part of the leadership of most towns in the Lastlands (including Dour Orla Raulnoth, the now semi-retired 400 year old gnomish engineer who is the Autokrator of Firsport’s City Designer and is chiefly responsible for building Firsport into the urban center it is today). They also make up a significant portion of the wizards in the Lastlands.

The fact that gnomes have been involved in designing so much of the infrastructure in the Lastlands and that they are such a (comparatively) large percentage of the population, means that most of the infrastructure is designed for people of gnomish size to use along with taller races. Double doors are common, as are “short” sections of counters in shops, and ramps or specially designed stairs.

There is a small population of Deep Gnomes in the Lastlands, though they are very rarely encountered. Most live deep in the cave-settlements dug into the soft rock around the base of Vallat.


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