Character Artefacts

Merrshaulk’s Ire: A bow or crossbow string in the form of a thin, multihued serpent. + 1 to attack and damage. 1/long rest can choose one enemy to become your sworn enemy (lasts 7 days or til death). Gives advantage on all attack rolls against that enemy, and negates all range penalties and any advantage from cover except total cover. Does an extra +1D6 damage vs that enemy. A new enemy can be chosen after a long rest if original enemy is dead.
NEW: The bow or crossbow gains +2 to attack and damage. It also gains the ability to inflict +1d8 damage once per turn. This damage may be of any type the wielder desires (i.e. radiant, fire, bludgeoning, etc) and this damage type may be changed at will.

Merrshaulk’s Guile: +1 kris dagger that looks to be made out of bone. A long runnel wends the length of the blade. Once per long rest, as a bonus action, wielder can cause it to poison the next opponent it hits. The Poison is a DC 16 Con save, causing 2D6 damage initially, and then 1D6/rd until 3 saves are made against it.
NEW: The weapon gains +2 to attack and damage. The poison DC increases with the wielder’s appropriate spell save DC. The poison ability increases so, if the target is affected by it, the poison causes the target to become poisoned as per the condition until the necessary saves are made as per above. The weapon’s wielder also chooses one additional condition to inflict upon the target: blinded, deafened, frightened, prone, or level 3 exhaustion.

Merrshaulk’s Eye: This is an orb of serpentine and bloodstone, mixed together in an impossible way. When used as an eye (viewed through, though attunement causes understanding of what to do) it allows any ranged attacks to get a +1 to attack and damage and gives the wearer truesight out to 60’.
NEW: The owner of the Eye gains +2 to ranged attack and damage. Once per long rest, the owner of the Eye can will it to attack with a ray, as per a Beholder’s eye ray. Three rays are rolled randomly from the appropriate possibilities. If the owner succeeds in a ranged touch attack, the eye ray takes effect. Save DCs function as per the wielder’s spell save DCs.

Merrshaulk’s Tongue: A greatsword made of what looks like pink carnelian. Has a normal shape of a greatsword, except the end flares out like two halves of forked tongue fit together. It gives +1 to attack and damage and allows a Luck reroll 3 times/long rest on either attack or damage rolls.
NEW: The weapon has +2 on attack and damage rolls. In addition, once per long rest, the Tongue can drain a target’s life. The drain life attack may be chosen before or after the attack. If the attack is successful, the damage becomes necrotic in addition to any other damage types and the Tongue’s wielder gains 1/2 the damage of the attack as temporary hit points. If the target is resistant to necrotic damage, this amount is halved. If it is immune, no life drain occurs, though the drain life ability is still used.

Merrshaulk’s Fang: A Naginata (use glaive stats). Handle carved from ivory inlaid with pearl and mother of pearl. The blade looks like an enormous serpent fang. It gives a +1 to attack and damage and causes a crit on a 19 or 20.
NEW: The weapon has a +2 to attack and damage. It ignores immunity or resistance to slashing damage. When a critical hit is rolled, the weapon does an additional 14 slashing damage in addition to all normal critical hit damage. Roll another attack with the same bonuses – if another critical is rolled, the creature’s head is severed. Unless it has another head or does not require a head, this is fatal. If it survives, it accrues other penalties as appropriate and still takes an additional 6d8 slashing damage.

Merrshaulk’s Hood: A cloak that looks to be made out of cast of snake-skins that mix and sworl together hypnotically, never seeming to move, but yet never seeming to have the same pattern twice. Culminating in a hood like a cobras that fits over the head. Looks ordinary to everyone when you put it on, except to the person wearing it (and anyone with truesight). Allows 1 extra wildshape/day, but only into a reptilian form. In any wildshape, give +1 to attack and damage.
NEW: The Hood gives a +2 to attack and damage in any wildshape instead of its +1. It also allows the wearer to partially mix wildshapes: in a beast wildshape, the wearer can also choose 1 special ability of any elemental to add to the beast form. In elemental shape, the wearer can choose a special ability from any animal she can transform into and add it to the elemental abilities. The nonstandard nature of the wildshape is clear to any casual observer.

The Axe: This axe is made of an incredibly dense stone that looks like polished jet with a handle of dark purple crystal, similar to the inside of a geode. It is appropriately heavy (twice the weight of a normal axe) and becomes twice as heavy as that if a non-dwarf attempts to lift it. It gives the wielder a +2 to hit and damage, as well as functioning as a increasing one primary ability by 2 points. This ability may be switched after a long rest. Additionally, the axe can be thrown with a range of 20 feet and a long range of 60 feet. Upon hitting the target, it does an additional 2d8 damage and immediately flies back to the wielder’s hand.

Character Artefacts

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