Autokrateira of Firsport; tall, intense, powerful dragonkin


Mannin is the current Autokrateira of Firsport. She is a 40 year old dragonborn, who is said to trace her ancestry back to before the Common Races arrived in the Lastlands (and though the claim is hard to substantiate, no one would say that to her face). She is tall, nearly 6’4", and covered in yellow-green scales.

Personality-wise, she is very intense. Few can manage to return the gaze of her jade-green eyes. She is very decisive and rarely goes back on a decision she has made. She is also very obsessive, immersing herself in issues completely before making up her mind on them.


Mannin has ruled Firsport for only four years, having taken over from the previous Autokrator, the gnome Giy Dorluset, who had ruled the city for the previous fifty years. Giy had focused on increasing trade and beautifying the city. He had tended to support he status quo and not shake things up. Mannin seems to be focused on expanding the reach of Firsport’s direct control, which has made many outside the city a bit nervous. The Guardsmen of the Sword have doubled their numbers since she assumed rulership. Rumors abound that Mannin is even considering sending an army to conquer territory in the Outremer.

Before becoming the Autokrateria, Mannin was a successful merchant who ran a large shipping fleet. Though control of that fleet has now passed to her former business partners, she remains independently wealthy (besides the wealth she acquired as Autokrateira).


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