The Lastlands

Wandering the Vallat Plateau

Once they reached the Vallat Plateau, the party began their exploration of the area and their search for Varasan (the former commander of the Order of Brighid who was lost trying to find the reason behind the cliff mummy attacks on Koth). They had gotten information that the ancient remains of a town that still had a working well, often just called Well Town, were a couple day’s walk away. It is often where Koth patrols headed to refill their waterskins. They also had heard that some of the few living beings on the plateau were tribes of thri-kreen, who had survived there from time immemorial, but were skittish of outsiders.

After a difficult two days searching through the cold desert on top of Vallat, the characters were awoken one night by the sounds of battle nearby. They rushed to the scene to find a group of thri-kreen fighting against dessicated undead from the wastes called ‘dry stalkers’ and ‘water seekers’ who were able to drain water from living tissue. After defeating the undead, the still-living thri-kreen advised leaving the area in case more undead showed up. In gratitude for saving their lives, they took the characters to their tribe’s camp, usually hidden from outsiders.

The tribe’s chieftan, Xek’ok, was impressed by the adventurers and offered news – that his scouts had seen a troop from Koth going toward Well Town a week ago, when Varasan would have on the plateau. He also offered a warning and a bargain: the warning was that Well Town had recently been occupied by the Two Sisters, evil undead that had commandeered the town for their own use and had made it impossible for his tribe to use the well in the ruins. The bargain was that if the party could drive the Two Sisters and their court out of Well Town, then the thri-kreen would show them the way to the Ancient, who, according to them, knows everything worth knowing about the world.

The group set off to Well Town, but when they arrived, they found it to be a regular town, with people walking in the streets, buildings intact, and life in the marketplace, with nothing seemingly amiss. However, once they entered the market, the party found the semblance of life was a mirage. They were attacked by a force of undead, including the Two Sisters, a pair of Lamia and their vizier, some sort of fiery undead. Though it proved difficult, the party won out in the battle, killing one of the Sisters and driving the other out of town, back into the wastes.

Upon searching the ruins afterward, the group discovered the remains of the last party sent from Koth, including the body of Varasan.



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