The Lastlands

Through the Feywild

At the end of the previous session, the Wanderers had found themselves at the beginning of a new part of the Feywild. It was hilly terrain, dotted with boulders, scrub pines and fir, and fragment of what looked to be ancient ruins of some type. Making their way through this landscape, the group encountered a wandering monk who was seemingly stuck in the Feywild and unable to find an exit. Reluctantly, he joined the party as they continued their journey.

After searching, the party came upon a sinkhole in the ground that seemingly led to part of an underground ruin. At the bottom, a small golden key was visible, clutched in a humanoid hand. When Cuthbert descended, however, the hand ran off with the key, revealing itself to be an undead claw, and the intrusion alerted several gibbering mouthers to the presence of a potential meal. The Wanderers descended one by one into the underground ruin and dealt with the mouthers. In the ruins, the group found several identical golden keys as well as some strange armor that Ishiko donned.

Using the golden keys to unlock the next gate, the party found themselves in a twilight heath, faced with a small hut on chicken legs, surrounded by a fence of bone – the hags’ lair. The group rushed in and attacked the hags ferociously. Two member of the hag coven were defeated, along with their pets – two giant toads and a displacer beast. One hag surrendered, saying the Lady had commanded that the Wanderers be allowed to pass into the Outremer.

The party has yet to fully question the one remaining Hag, but they have learned that there is something horrible going on in the Outremer – something worse than the Hags, and that it involves a war.



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