The Lastlands

And so it begins...

Like much else in the Lastlands, the adventure began in Firsport. The Autokrateira, Mannin, had sent out word that she would be hiring groups of willing able-bodied adventurers to work for Firsport. The rumor was that she would be sending these groups into the Outremer in advance to a possible invasion, since she had doubled the size of the Guardsmen of the Sword in the last four years. Based on these rumors, adventurers of all types gathered in Firsport, ready to accept the challenge (and the reward).

While adventurers waited for their chance to be hired… something else happened. Suddenly, in mid-morning, as many were anticipating being hired by the Autokrateira, the entire city shifted… somewhere else. The sun disappeared, objects suddenly became decrepit and decayed, and undead and other foul mosters appeared in profusion. Half the party cleared out the undead in the Sign of the Drunken Spoon, where Yisan, Cuthbert, and Anders were staying and the other half fought swarms of stirges and flying snakes in Crescent Park, across the Firth where Selene and the Captain found themselves. They triumphed with only a few wounds , but most of the ordinary people around them perished horribly. Then the bizarre attack ended as suddenly as it had begun and the world returned to normal, albeit with the dead and dying littering the city and much major infrastructure damaged.

Later that day, the party gathered with a huge mob of adventurers at the Autokrateiria’s residence and were all placed into a room together. They were assigned to be a group. After a long wait, the party met with Autokrateira Mannin. She assured them that her best arcane advisors were looking into the strange events and that the city would recover quickly. The party was then assigned to do a job to prove their worth for further, potentially more significant assignments: they were tasked with finding out what had happened in the small village of Hasp at the edge of the Barrier Range. It is a logging town that provides Firsport with a steady stream of ironwood, usually sending a shipment of the valuable wood every month. No shipment has been sent in the last month and a half and the party was tasked with finding out why.

After three days of travel to Hasp, the party found themselves staying at the Strongfast Inn in the small settlement of Strongfast. It is an inn (and a village) that was settled by a Halfling clan (the Strongfasts, strangely enough) a few centuries ago. When the party arrived, they were having a problem – there had been an attack by a giant lizard creature a week ago. The creature had been driven off by the combined efforts of the militia (composed of all the able-bodied male halflings in the village), but not killed. Now, a week later, all the militiamen who had been wounded by the creature had fallen ill and the women were worried about them and also worried that the creature would be back to finish the job when their defenses were weakened. Having been promised free lodging and free food and drink for the duration of their stay, the characters promised to help.

The attack, when it came, was unexpected – upstairs, in the sick room, monstrous lizard-tadpoles began bursting out of the bodies of the wounded there. Outside the Inn, in the village, screams testified to the same horror repeating itself there. The party quickly dealt with the lizard-things and moved downstairs to help theterrified refugees flooding into the Inn just in time to see one of the Halflings transform into a large red-skinned lizard-creature, which they fought and bested. Having realized that the creature was a red slaad and that the slaad tadpoles it had birthed would transform into new slaadi, the party hunted down all (hopefully) of the tadpoles and destroyed them.



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