The Lastlands

Rousing Koth to Action

Part I

In the last adventure, the group began their push to mobilize the city of Koth.

After defeating the invisible stalkers who had been sent to kill them, the characters got a good sleep and began to explore the city of Koth. Cuthbert was closeted with meetings with his order, especially Eutychia, who wished to examine his weapon and discuss his beliefs. Other characters found through meeting with the populace that not only are the citizens of Koth aware of the impending threat of the Sword Guardsmen, but they are also nervous of continuous undead attacks being launched from the Vallat plateau. Additionally, they heard rumors that Koth’s traditional allies, the orcish Horde, have said they will not come to Koth’s defense because they “have their own problems,” whatever those might be.

After exploring the city for a day, Sabachis, the interim head of the Order of Brighid, arranged for the party to attend a meeting of the Council at which the Council would decide whether to declare war on Firsport or wait and see and attempt diplomacy. The Council discussion was heated, but the final outcome was that the group voted to pursue diplomatic and other avenues and not take any aggressive action at the moment.

Disappointed, Sabachis, told the party after the Council meeting that what the Council didn’t say was that they were likely reluctant to take aggressive action because of the recent spate of undead attacks by cliff mummies. Particularly because the former head of the Order of Brighid, Varasan, had gone up onto the plateau more than two weeks earlier and disappeared (hence why Sabachis was acting as the head of the Order). He reasoned that if the source of the undead attacks could be discovered and possible stopped and if Varasan’s fate could be determined, then perhaps the council would be willing to authorize some aggressive action.

Sabachis warned the party of the dangers of Vallat – so much of it was unknown, as Koth mostly only swept undead from the near reaches of the plateau. He told the party about cliff mummies, as well as the powerful Water Seekers and rumors of worse entities. He did say, though, that bands of semi-nomadic thri-kreen managed to live on the plateau and they might be some help.

Spurred on by this news, some members of the party decided to ascent the Vallat plateau. The only sure way up was to ascend the Long Stair, an ancient stairway that had been cut into the cliff face long before the memory of any in Koth, supplemented by wooden bridges and steps that spanned places where the stone had crumbled away.

As the party ascended the long stair, a horde of cliff mummies skittered out of the burial chambers that honeycombed the rock face and attacked. The party was able to fight them off, but was exhausted by doing so and forced to stop and wait for reinforcements from the rest of the group.



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