The Lastlands


Something had gone wrong with the teleportation and the characters found themselves, instead of back in the familiar Lastlands – in a large study that had been ransacked in the recent past. Not only was the location strange, but the environment was strange. Spilled ink from an inkwell dripped up toward the ceiling instead of onto the floor. The characters felt lighter than they ever had in their lives.

Exploring their surroundings, the party found that the documents around them were written in a unknown language and the furniture, though sparse, was built oddly, like it was for a physiology that wasn’t what they were used to.

Exploring around, the party found that doors were difficult to move through – taking a measure of willpower as well as physical movement – and that there had also been a recent battle in wherever it was they had gone to.

Quickly exploring the strange place, the party met a githyanki monk who claimed that they were in Limbo and this place was called The Monastery of the Edge, a place that had been dedicated to watching over the very edge of the cosmos. Recently, the monk claimed, a huge force of abominations had overwhelmed the monks’ defenses, killed all or almost all of them, and used their portal, in the nearby Watchtower to go to part of the Prime Material (he wasn’t sure where exactly – the portal could take them anywhere).

The party took the monastery’s notes and managed to navigate through the bizarre terrain of limbo to a nearby “island” where a huge watchtower stood. Inside, they fought the abominations’ rearguard – a small force of slaadi, including a death salad left to guard the portal itself.

After, the party entered the portal and were transported back to Firsport.



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