The Lastlands

Hasp and What was Found There

The party finally made it to the town of Hasp, only to find it deserted. The only inhabitants seemed to be overgrown trees and bushes that were covering everything. After exploring, the party met a nervous soldier who tried to talk them into coming with him, but the conversation was interrupted when the plants attacked.

After fighting off the plants, the party got the ‘soldier’ to admit that he was a bandit and that the rest of his party was camped out at the edge of town. None of them could leave – the party tried to leave, but found themselves unable to backtrack along the road. After going to the bandit camp, the party ambushed the leader and rescued the group’s only prisoner, a wandering warrior, who joined the group.

The party realized that the only way to leave the town was to go forward. In the woods, they encountered a young woman who, when they approached, turned out to be a hideous hag. The hag told them that she and her sisters had been tasked by The Lady to protect the border with the Outremer because ‘something unpleasant’ is going on outside the Lastlands. She warned the party away from proceeding, but said that, should they choose to go forward, they would have to pass three gates to leave the Feywild and return to the real world (presumeably in the Outremer).

The group passed through the first area – a place covered in a dense hedge-maze tangle of vegetation by finding the a small gold key to unlock a door and have emerged into the 2nd area – a more open, hilly place, covered with pieces of ancient ruins.



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