The Lastlands

Betrayal! (sort of)

When they arrived back in the Prime Material plane, several characters materialized in the Autokrateira Mannin’s chambers. However, Mannin wasn’t alone. Next to him was the floating body of a bizarre fish/octopus thing, which the party later determined to be an aboleth. Whatever the floating vision said, Mannin parroted. Neither was happy the characters had returned. The aboleth then cast a spell and incapacitated the characters so they could be disposed of.

Two of the party – Yisan and Cuthbert – woke when they were thrown into the oubliette beneath the dungeons of Mannin’s castle. The oubliette was infamous among the criminal classes in Firsport – no one who was thrown in ever returned. The pair quickly found one reason why when they faced a pair of otyughs in the watery, trash and offal filled dark without any of their equipment.

Having dispatched the immediate threat, the pair began to look for a way out. The oubliette seemed to have started life as an abandoned cistern and several small partially completely tunnels branched out from the center. In one of them, the pair found a nearly dead half-orc named Shump. He claimed to be part of the Harbor Wolves gang, a group of toughs and thugs (mostly half-orc ex-slaves) who ran small-time jobs around the Firsport harbor. After his gang had found a large shipment of arms, however, the whole group was rounded up by the authorities and thrown in here. He was the only one to survive. Others, though, had fled the otyughs down another tunnel, he claimed, though they had never come back.

Undeterred, Yisan and Cuthbert healed the half-orc and brought him with them as they explored the tunnel where Shumps friends had fled. There, they found a huge drain that was stopped up with an enormous clog of junk. Once they cleared that, and most of the water in the oubliette drained out, they could see that it led to a cave below them.

Coming up from the cave were several kuo-toa. Once several attacks had been rebuffed, Yisan and Cuthbert attempted to negotiate a safe passage through their caves to the outside world. The kuo-toa leader appeared to allow it, but when the group reached the central cave, the truth became clear. In the middle of the watery cavern, the aboeth’s lair was surrounded by hundreds of kuo-toa.

However, there was also possible salvation – on the caverns far wall sat an overturned Apparatus of Kwalish, undoubtedly one of the ones of legend that had helped protect Firsport from invasions hundreds of years earlier. Upon seeing this, Yisan and Cuthbert made a break for it, dragging Shump after them.

Depsite the best efforts of the kuo-toa workers and the aboleth’s control of the stagnant water, Yisan and Cuthbert managed to reach the Apparatus. Using its claws, they hewed their way past any last opposition and swam out of the cave through an underwater exit, resurfacing just outside Firport harbor.



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