The Lastlands

...and Into the Fire

Once the party had left the Feywilde and the last remaining hag behind, they ventured forward into the Outremer.

It didn’t take the party long to realized 2 things – the Outremer wasn’t particularly different than the mountainous countryside they had been venturing through… and also that something was wrong. On the horizon, there was black smoke visible. A lot of it.

The group trekked through the mountainous terrain and met a badly wounded yuan ti soldier who had taken refuge in a cave. The yuan ti said that they party were the “Chose Ones” – they who came through the veil at the time of the Empire’s greatest need. He told them they needed to get to the temple in the nearby city of [Name Untranslatable] before it was too late.

After a day’s travel, the party reached the city. They style was unlike anything they had seen – ancient stonework combined with wooden buildings made out of local hardwood, with sloping, curved lines and the likeness of snakes everywhere. It was also burning, with dead yuan ti and a mixture of other, stranger creatures lying everywhere and bands of gnolls gorging on the wounded and the dead.

There were only a few enemy patrols left and the party managed to run a few blocks into the city to where they found the what should have been the temple they were looking for. In the burned out husk of a building, they found a trap door and managed to open it. It led them down underground into the real temple, below.

There, yuan ti priests greeted the party and proclaimed them the Chosen of Merrshaulk. At a feast in their honor, the party was told that the world they were in was being assaulted by a major force of Abominations from Beyond. The Elder Gods and other nameless ancient Powers were trying to wrest the world away from the cosmos and bring it into their control. Cities the world over were being attacked by forces of Abominations – beholders, mind flayers, aboleths, and others – who wanted nothing more than to reestablish the ancient empires they had once held over vast stretches of the cosmos. To aid in this, the Elder Gods had somehow blocked any Deity from using his/her influence in the world… except one. Somehow the god Merrshaulk had managed to avoid this.

Thus, the priests claimed that in this very temple, Merrshaulk had left several artifacts to help the Chosen Ones. Except… the priests didn’t know exactly where they were. After eating, the party was taken to the temple’s central room, where dozens of magical items were kept – only a few of which were actual the artifacts.

Just then, there was a trembling and a bulette burrowed through the wall, followed by a force from the battle above. The characters fought the invading abominations and at the same time, were able to find and rescue the artifacts. However, they were forced to flee when mind flayers began to enter the fray. The yuan ti priests said they had a teleportation device deeper in the temple, which the characters fled to and activated. In a flash they found themselves…



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